Friday, February 3, 2012

I got duped...

So this morning A. comes up to me, coughing like a pack-a-day smoker and saying her chest hurt. "Mommy," she says " I don't feel good. I don't want to go to school." As this is the first time those words, in that order, have ever fallen from her lips what could I do but take her at her word? Right? Well, not half an hour later she appeared perfectly fine and was running around the house chasing her brother. I realized, I'd been had. *Facepalm*

THEN I go to light my stick of incense, like I do every morning. A friend gave me this really great resin on a stick so I lit some of that. Not five minutes later I turn around and it's gone out. So I light it again. Five minutes later, same thing. Soooo I grab another stick and lit THAT one and guess what? Yup, refused to stay lit. AHHH!!! I need my frankincense fix, damn it!!! Well I ended up giving up and using some resin and a charcoal brick. I don't mind doing that but, well, it's the principal of the matter. Those stick should have stayed lit!

On a happier note, I found 3 scarves on sale at Wally World tonight so I'm really excited to not have to wear heavy sarongs on my head anymore. They were starting to give me headaches. I will try them out and post photos for your viewing pleasure either sometime this weekend or possibly Monday.

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