Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Finding a Mentor

Have you ever noticed how different it is to learn something by reading and learning from someone with experience? I love to read, I'm what you would call a bibliophile. That said, I am happy to say I think I might have found someone to mentor me in Hellenismos. I found him through a website he built that has a plethora of great information. So much information I was getting lost, but the things I was reading resonated so deeply with me that I HAD to learn more. There was a place where he said if you're in the Chicagoland area (which I am for now) and are interested in a study group to email. I did and got a response back fairly promptly. We exchanged phone numbers and spoke for probably an hour last night on the phone. He is a very normal kind of guy and said the same of me. We traded stories of the 'crazies' that we have encountered in our respective journeys and discussed how we both ended up where we are in life. He is terribly interesting and I feel he has much knowledge for me to learn. Sadly, there is only a very small number of us and we're all too spread out for a face to face study group but he is setting up an online group. I nearly squeed with delight because this is GREAT for me. And until the online thing is fully set up he is happy to tutor me personally through email and phone calls.

I get that someone might think he is going to take advantage of me or is some how creepy. My mentor IS a 60yo single guy. But if you think that then YOU are the one with the problem. I seek knowledge and he is willing to share it. No one is asking anyone for money or even to meet face to face. So I feel safe and happy to have help on my road of discovery.

On the home front, R. has a nasty cough which apparently has been going around and sticking around for 2-3 weeks, the doctor said. UGH. Well one week down.
I'm still not fully comprehending that N. isn't just at work and will be home later. I think it will hit me eventually but for now I'm doing okay. Tomorrow is my first session with the Personal Trainer, yay!


Katrina said...

Can you post a link to his site? I would be very interested in an online study group once it is up and running!

polytheistmom said...

I did! If you mouse over the word "website" it will light up and you can click it. :D

naiadis said...

Nothing wrong at all with having a mentor. My twinge of worry has nothing to do at all with your situation and is a projection of a horrible experience in a group myself, years ago, that I'm totally over. Totally. *nods* He can't be all bad, right? He's got a link to one of Daphne's book on his website, after all.