Saturday, February 25, 2012


Sorry for my resent absence, I haven't really had much to say so I wasn't going to just post random boring chatter. But moving right along...

My inner hippy is PISSED and ready to protest. I have had it up to my eyebrows with this country, the one I loved, was proud of, and was willing to risk life and limb for. If you missed it, on February 8th, 2012 our President signed a bill into law stating that if a religious organization had a moral opposition to birth control (contraceptives) then they did not have to pay for that coverage, but it was the insurance company's duty to provide that coverage free of charge so that women still had access. This is a very reasonable compromise,  although why it is okay to deny a woman birth control but cover a man's access to penile implant and/or Viagra is baffling to me. Apparently this was not good enough for these church organizations or more specifically the MEN in these organizations. On February 16th and ALL MALE panel of Catholic Bishops, Jewish Rabbis and Evangelical Pastors felt that they were the most qualified to discuss a woman's right to contraceptives. I am in shock. Obviously we little women are too stupid to have a say in the medical treatment of our own bodies and no woman was allowed to testify at the original hearing. Yes, there were allowed to at a subsequent hearing but that is a bullshit cop-out. OH, that's the other thing that really pissed me off. Not one of these misogynistic asshats had one iota of medical training to know what is necessary for a woman's body. Hell, the Bishops have never even SEEN a vagina, so I'm pretty damn sure that they are the LAST people I was dictating what I can and cannot do with mine. They're soo concerned with the sanctity of life (italics = sarcastic voice) but the Catholic church cannot even keep it's own leader from molesting little boys and girls. The Rabbis at least aren't allowed to give marriage advice until after they themselves are married (score one for Logic) but with the Jewish believe that each sperm is sacred, why the hell aren't they up in arms over Vasectomies as well? A man can decided when he's done reproducing children but a woman cannot? WTF people, WTF. And don't even get me started on the Evangelicals. These idiots keep invoking this deity known as JEE-zus who apparently is somewhere in their Bible but in all the times I've read the Bible (which is  A LOT, fyi) I have never seen any mention of a White guy who is pro-gun, pro-life, anti-woman's rights, anti-gay, bigoted and judgmental. Nope. I HAVE read about Jesus, the really dark brown guy, who hung out with lepers, prostitutes and generally anyone considered an outcast, and walked every where preaching "love your neighbor as yourself", "it is easier for a camel to pass though the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the gates of Heaven" and "let him with no sin cast the first stone". Those are all hyper linked to the actual Bible verses if anyone doubts my Biblical knowledge.

Adding fuel to my angry "feminist" fire, is that my home state of Oklahoma has now passed (with a grotesquely overwhelming majority) a personhood law that takes us mere baby steps from banning contraception all together. The bill basically states that life begins at conception which is utter bullshit. I am a medical person, I am a mother of two beautiful children and if life begins at conception well I don't even want to think about all the "lives" lost because of every period I've had, every time an egg might have been fertilized and just not implanted and therefor got flushed down the toilet. I mean lets seriously consider this. Just because an egg gets fertilized does not mean it is going to result in a pregnancy. Most end up on tampons or pads with the women (and man) non the wiser. I started my period at the age of 9, and became sexually active at 14. Ready for a little math? Assuming a woman (me) has 13 periods a year and has been sexually active for 12 years, she has potentially "KILLED" 156 times. Damn that makes me a serial killer! And what about all the sperm that a man kills DAILY? Why isn't anyone persecuting for all THOSE potential lost lives? Oh yeah that's because it's a man's world and if he wants children he deserves to have them and if not then he has the right to not have his life "screwed up". GAH! I am absolutely SEETHING.

So because of all of this on April 28th I will be making a trip down to the Illinois capitol to protest. I wanted to go to the big one in DC but I just cannot afford it. I urge every woman to search "We Are Women March" on FB and join their state chapter. Go! Protest! Do it for yourself, your daughters, granddaughters, nieces, sisters, whoever will inspire you to fight for a woman's right over her own body. This is not about being pro-life or pro-choice. Just because you choose not to do something does not mean your morals should apply to everyone else. This country is about freedom. Somewhere people have accepted this false theory that by allowing people the freedom to do something that they are moral opposed to that somehow that equates to having THEIR freedoms infringed upon.  I know that is kind of a convoluted sentence so let me clarify. Say I don't believe in abortion (ha ha ha, yeah right but work with me here). If abortion is legal, it does not prevent me from making the personal choice to NOT have one.

Okay rant done for now or I will go on all day. But seriously Please join me in Protesting!!

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